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A powerful tool to speed-up NGS file transfers
and NGS analyses

For companies which only transfer genomic data files and do not store them, Enancio has adapted its offer for customers to take advantage of high speed NGS file transfer only.

Transfer powered by Lena features :

High speed transfer enhanced with streaming capability

Whether you want to transfer fastq files from a local instance to another, or from a local instance to a cloud instance, transfer powered by Lena will speed up the transfer. The accelaration can be up to 6 times faster and files can be uploaded to /downloaded from the cloud in a streaming fashion, i.e. the file can be used as soon as it starts arriving.

Streamline integration to workflow

NGS files that are transferred can either be decompressed at reception or directly be used in alignment step. The alignment step can then be performed on a streaming mode, decreasing the delay to obtain the results and totally hidding transfer time may be completely hidden. You will therefore only see the analysis computation time.

Decompression software can directly be dowloaded for free following this link.

Capability for faster alignment

Transfer powered by Lena gives you the option to configure the destination server in order to fully parallelize the alignment step, reducing dramatically the time for alignement step.

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